Q: What does 'LFHM' stand for?

A: LFHM, [il-fihm] phonetically, translates to “perception,” “understanding,” and “insight” in spoken Arabic. The name was developed around the principle that by simply appreciating and observing the world around us, we will continuously be inspired. 

Q: How can I schedule a meeting?

A: Please use the contact phone number and email address shown on the Contact Tab.

Q: Where is your office?

A: LFHM is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates but is available to travel and conduct meetings virtually.*

*Subject to availablitiy.

Q: Which methodologies do you use to conduct research?

A: We use a combination of techniques including but not limited to focus groups, individual surveys and IDIs, ethnographic research, macro-trend mining, mystery shopping and expert collaborations.

Q: How do you come up with pricing?

A: Pricing is set using a value-project base, agreed upon with the client from the start of the project (long-term vs. short-term).

Q: How long does the final output take?

A: We value quality over quantity, hence there is no set timing for each project and it depends on the circumstances and nature of what's at hand.

 All timelines are agreed with the client at the start of the contract.

Q: What is your preferred mode of communication?

A: Our primary mode of communication is email, however are able to use WhatsApp for clients who prefer it. 

Q: Are you a media agency?

A: Our forté is in consumer research mining and brand development consulting but we will happily outsource such jobs to our trusted partners.

Q: Are you an events agency?

A: Same as above.

Q: Do you accept interns?

A: Yes, we love interns! Please email us your CV and short cover letter on why you want to intern with LFHM and what culture means to you.

Q: What kind of clients do you work with?

A: LFHM focuses on the retail sector and typically supports Small Business Owners (SBO’s), international brands and PR and/or Advertising agencies.